About Django People

Django People lists 6262 Django developers from around the world, in 129 different countries. The aim of the site is to help Django developers find like-minded souls near them, and hopefully kick-start some local meet-ups and user groups.

You can post feedback and bug reports on this blog entry.

The site was built by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe.


Country data and location lookups come from GeoNames, while the maps themselves are powered by the Google Maps API. Country flags and icons are by Mark James; US state flags come from Wikipedia.

The site uses django-tagging by Jonathan Buchanan for the skills feature, and sorl-thumbnail by Mikko Hellsing and Chris Beaven for thumbnailing. OpenID support (used by 988 people) depends on python-openid (version 1.2.0) and django-openid.

Deployment is mod_wsgi running on Apache 2 behind an nginx proxy. The site is hosted on a Linode.com virtual machine.

A Django joint.